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Umami was founded on one simple principle – FLAVOR & EVERYTHING Our goal is to create unique flavors that are inexplicably delicious because life is too short to smoke something that is just good.

In cuisine, umami is the fifth flavor: sweet, salty, sour, savory, and umami. Umami is the delectable taste that spreads across your tongue, coating it in flavor.

In Japanese, umami translates to “essence of deliciousness”. We believe the meaning of life can be found in flavor as each new and mouthwatering taste is an experience. Life is a series of experiences. When we are making selections and are lost in the woods searching for answers we always come back to one thing – FLAVOR.

We started cultivating small-batch cannabis in 2006 and haven’t looked back since. Our CEO and Founder has been an avid cultivator of cannabis for nearly 20 years.

He founded Umami Seed Company™️ in February of 2018. This has allowed him to share his passion for unique cannabis genetics around the globe. The company slogan is Flavor > Everything and all of his creations are geared towards unlocking the plethora of exotic flavors, effects, and cannabinoids yet to be found among the diverse cannabis gene pool.

From Seed to Sale, Umami provides comprehensive consulting services to businesses worldwide. Umami strives to ensure that its clients are on the cutting edge of cultivation, manufacturing, genetic research, and proprietary genetic development for cannabis utilization.


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Together, we can sow the seeds of change and harvest a brighter, more vibrant tomorrow.

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